Friday, March 5, 2010

A Most Interesting Question

A good friend of mine recently sent me this "Christian Quote of the Day (CQOD) from George Barna (Evangelism that Works - 1995). I'm not sure if I can answer the question, but it certainly makes me ponder the possibility.

It occurred to me that in our work with secular organizations, the leader shapes the heart and passion of the corporate entity. In our work with non-profit organizations, we have found the same principle to be operative. When it comes to the focus of the organization, the people who serve there tend to take on many of the core personality traits of the leader toward fulfilling the mandate of the organization. If this is true, and most churches seem to lack the fervor and focus for evangelism, is it reasonable to conclude that it may be because of the lack of zeal most pastors have for identifying, befriending, loving and evangelizing non-Christian people?

Interesting that "my job" starting out at a previous church was to pick this area ("Evangelism") up. Strange that it didn't really happen as "designed" and we wound up (just before I left and after a building went up) just being a vacuum for disgruntled consumers from other ecclesiastical venues.

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