Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rachel and Noah

I was pretty good at posting weekly. Now I am (as I knew would happen) posting weakly.

My oldest daughter, Rachel, married Noah Matthews on June 30th. The wedding was a "Christ-Party!" I'm going to copy and paste part of a message sent to me by a long-time family friend. I will change names to maintain anonymity.

[Boy! You and Teena sure know how to throw a party! What fun!! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom...and the ceremony was so special to them and gave us all an intimate feeling of being part of their vows...a sense of community in coming together to support this new marriage and its future. It was a very special day and you both should be very proud and yet humbled by these fabulous young people. I do have one question however: did it bother either one of you that your daughter married a man named Noah and God blessed it with a thunder/lightning/rain storm? I mean ... have you asked if he has plans for an ark?? ... Is there a DVD of the wedding? Is there a DVD of the slide presentation? I would love to have either or both and would gladly pay whatever it might cost. I want to see them myself, of course, but I so much want to share them with the girls ... particularly X---- who just brightened up and beamed when I told her a bit about the ceremony. Certainly she and X----- are far more spiritual than X--- and X-- (don't tell them that I said that!) and I know that theirs is a faith based marriage and Christ is in their hearts and in their home. ... Nuff already. If there is a DVD or two, please let me know. Keep in touch. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be with you and yours and how very, very welcome I felt. It's all part of the Stewart Clan magic I think! And I am so blessed to be enriched by it. luv ya ... X---- ]

Rachel and Noah made it very clear how committed they are to following the teachings of Jesus. The added festive atmosphere with very casual surroundings (in a barn with the "party" wearing flip-flops) created an authenticity I've not seen in any "ceremony." They exchanged vows, washed each other's feet and took communion before everything was "official."

It was an added blessing to have people in the same room from both sides of our family that we usually have to travel to see in separate venues. The meeting of Noah's family was also a joy. Larry and April will be very loving in-laws to Rachel and good friends for Teena and me.

Stay tuned for the next blog. It may have data regarding a new chapter for us.