Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock -freakin' Chalk!

My heart rate has just now returned to normal (12+ hours later).

Most of the SportsCenter panel sounded like a group who were talking about a team they were rooting for - losing. Is that possible? All year Memphis was playing the "no respect" card, when all the while Kansas was entitled to legitimately use it. Those who picked Kansas in any of their 2 games in San Antonio could be numbered on one hand. But Kansas and a very likable and brilliant Coach Self kept their mouths shut and let the talking take place via defense, lobs, persevering focus and the "Mario-Miracle" (as if he hasn't done this before).

If anyone was smart enough to record the game, review it and see if there is any panic on the faces of those in blue. Oh sure, there were some bone-head moments (which every team has), but there was no anxiety. Then watch the Memphis players right after Collins' steal and 3-pointer amazingly before the missed free-throws. Watch also when they pan the bench - out 'n out fright and dismay.

I was very disappointed watching ESPN afterward. Then I went to their website and FoxSports and saw more of the same - blah blah, Memphis lost because they did this...didn't do that... Very little about why Kansas won. Fox even had a survey on the site: "What was the biggest key to Kansas' win?" and at the top is "Memphis' Missed Free Throws" ahead of "Mario Chalmer's Shot." Down at the very bottom is "Kansas Resilience." Do you think that might be a subtle revelation of what they believe?

This is how Tim Griffin of ESPN describes Rose' desperation shot that banked off the glass and happened to go through - I kid you not: "With a double-team hounding him and the shot clock near zero, Rose calmly sank a shot that originally was ruled a 3-pointer to give Memphis a 56-49 lead with 4:12 left. Replays indicated it was a 2-pointer because his foot was on the line. If the basket had remained a 3-pointer as originally called, Memphis would have won in regulation."

"Calmly sank?" Watch it again Tim - and again, and again. DORK!

The obvious question is "Why would Kansas start fouling when they did and what did they know about the real history of this team of 5.66 players at the line???"

Anyway. We won! - The Memphis Tigers lost. Both schools have to start over to get to the point they were last night. It is just a source of pride for me that the school I pull for has been there many times and has walked away with the prize 3 times now.

At the rate they win them, I'll be 74 when they get their next one - an incentive for me to stay fit.

Wait 'til next year!