Monday, October 1, 2007

“Left Toin at Albakoikee”

We’re trying to see all the “toins” and be courageous enough to make them. IOW-We are reevaluating the umbrella, which will be over the operation of this envisioned venue of espresso wafting the air while God does a transforming work in people’s lives.

The franchise format is becoming less appealing to us. After reading the 1-inch thick “circular” given to us by Moby’s CEO – and after talking to some dissatisfied employees and owners, we sense that it may not be an equitable trade-off to sacrifice the innovative expression of our vision for high-priced “expertise.” We think that many of the accompanying “products” we are required to sell, are distracting to the appeal of a non-conventional style of ministry. To be quite blunt – they encroach the “cheesy” barrier.

We think that will repel seekers, rather than draw them in. We are maintaining the model of John 1:14 where Jesus took on our existence thus releasing his rightful grasp of equality with God. He “became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” We want to do the same. The “churchiness” and “I’m saved, you ain’t” wall needs to have a Berliner demise once and for all.

So – it looks as though we will do this independently. Not that we think we are able to work in isolation. Lord knows there’s too many Lone Rangers out there. We have talked with existing coffee shop owners, both secular and Christian, who are in that region of the country. They have consented that they are willing to help us out by consultation. So our thinking now is to purchase some quality equipment and then learn first how to make a dynamite latte.

As far as the financial picture – things are shaping up a bit. The giving is at a trickle, but we’ve heard from many who have stated they will be making donations very soon. We had one couple offer to give us their 10 year old car. That gives us the option to give that car to Jordan and sell my 98 minivan for our needs, or vice versa.

Keep praying for the sale of our home. Our realtor states that our house is doing better since it is “showing” and others aren’t. We haven’t had what you might call “nibbles,” but the bobber is moving a little bit. It’s difficult to determine if there’s a fish below the surface, or if the wind it making it move.

YHWH A'-gap-e,



Dubbahdee said...

It is true, you must be very careful with franchising. Always keep in mind that the franchisor's goals and purpose are not necessarily the same as your own. The success of your business is not necessarily their highest priority. Rather, the sale of more franchise licenses is often their top priority. Every group is different. Do your due diligence before signing on.

If you are open to franchises of a different type than coffee shops, you might look into Great Harvest Bread. I had some contact with them a few years ago. For a long time I have been a happy customer. I like the feel of the biz, their approach to both business and franchising, and their products. Different than coffee, to be sure, but I would not think too much of a stretch to go there with some kind of cafe element. Might be worth looking at. On the other hand, the startup cycle may be too long and involved for what you are seeking, not to mention the startup costs compared to coffee.

Talk about left toins!

May our Lord continue to guide and bless you and your path.

Different Cloth said...

Thanks for your affirmation and suggestion. I'm sorry that I'm delayed in looking at this and responding. I wish this blog would alert me via e-mail on comments.

I will do a search and see what I discover with Great Harvest Bread.

Different Cloth said...