Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Faith Minus Expectations

What a renaissance on Sunday! Our simple gathering was plagued with technical difficulties and other glitches. In days gone by, both Teena and I would have to fight off anxiety and anger (in accordance with institutional expectations) so that plans would come off smoothly and without "distractions" (or as one former fellow staff person put it "we want everything to be 'clean and classy'") for visitors and guests.

Thank God we had listened to the wise counsel of Reggie McNeal who implores leaders to put "preparation" above "planning." With a handful of relatively fresh Christ followers, it was so invigorating that the strong community ambiance within the room overwhelmed all expectations that everything HAS to be smooth and without any proverbial "hitches." It's amazing that those with limited institutional experience become the most encouraging and composed.

Conversation during the teaching flowed as though someone more powerful than all of us was actually leading.

Why has it taken us so long to realize that this One's leadership is far above any so called leadership and direction we can provide?

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