Friday, June 12, 2009

Move In Date Set

We have signed the lease on the storefront property on N Center Street and will take possession on July 1. Our goal is to work on the build out along with a crew of volunteers and do a soft opening in September. A soft opening is where we are open for business but don't make a big deal about it. This allows us to work out the bugs. We plan on having a grand opening in October.

How's that going to work if we can't pay any employees? Our plan is to move our home church into the facility and focus on ministry. We will work on the building as money and volunteers permit and open to the public as manpower allows.

We already have a crew of volunteers coming from Greensboro who will help with the tear out and perhaps some of the upfit. God has also provided a project manager and an architect/interior designer to help us complete the build out plans.

Jeff will work behind the counter in the morning hours and we will train volunteer counter workers too who will go through our certification program. If you wish to train and volunteer in this area contact us.

Things are really starting to sizzle as different members of our home church plus volunteers from a variety of churches and ministries climb on board to help in various ways.

One of the plusses of changing from the charitable business model to the non-profit model is that people are more willing to contribute time, goods and financial contributions which is imperative at this point if we are going to close the financial gap.

Pray for God to raise up the qualified experts and resources we need for the build out and for those who work the counters.


Johnny said...

Way to go man. It is encouraging to see things coming through for you guys. It gives me hope as I sit down south and look for what God has for me as well. I mean this in the most cheesy sort of way, "Keep the faith." How's that for Christianese!

Johnny Walsh

Different Cloth said...

Thanks Johnny!