Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Leah and Rachel?

More options seem to be popping up in the near horizon. The franchise approach will put what seems to be an attainable time frame on everything. But other considerations are being presented before us that will necessitate the Godly virtue of patience (something I keep asking God to give me and without delay ;-D )

I think about the Hebrews characterization of faith and it puts in mind part of Jacob's story. I guess he thought he was being extremely patient when he worked for Laban for 7 years in order to marry Rachel. He ends up with a "not so fast" experience that would certainly tend to derail a few and create a nasty litigation situation in our Western society. But he perseveres - marries Leah and then works another 7 years until he can marry Rachel (ix-nay the igamy-bay).

Let's see what unfolds. I thought we were on a distinct path - but I should know better. Surprises wouldn't be surprises if they didn't surprise us.

Skano en ego,


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