Friday, May 18, 2007

Guys and Godfather

Less than a week ago, one of my umpire friends tagged a Godfather trivia question at the end of one of his multi recipient posts (he's the secretary of our high school group and the assignor for our summer games). There were about half a dozen responses to the question.

Out of that, he lumps together a small group of guys to swap GF trivia. It is beginning to network to others. I added my brother, and he added one of his friends. There is some talk about trying to get a group together to watch the movies with food and beverages (almost like a bunch of girls watching a Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts genre flick).

What is it about this story that grabs so many men? Is it the combination of conquest with rivalry and family-on-the-side mixed in?

Such a curiosity.


Jeffy "Big Ears" Stewartini

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